Irregular Choice

You just fall in love with its shoes, shapes that remind of japanese footwear, suede in thousand of colours, incredible heels and a playful attitude reflected in these quirky but lovely shoes. Dan Sullivan started his business in 1999 and it's a success with awards won
Now a sale it's on and it's possible to grab a little piece of art for less.
I like the fact that this company is english and there are only three shops, one in Brighton, one in Carnaby Street in London and one in New York. They've got concessions in Schuh, but they retain this uniqueness that make other people in the street ask where did you buy them or just look at your feet while on the bus....and this feeling it's great.

The shop in Carnaby Street

shop window with some of their models

My shoes

Look at the velvety inside of these shoes and the sculpted heels


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