Danish Wakeel's Dandy meets the Metrosexual

Blue, red and beige, sky, sun and sand, this is the palette for Danish Wakeel's new collection. A collection that would be at ease on a cruiseship, with bejewelled tops, trunks, bras, that once born as an underwear collection,  were too beautiful to be confined under garments or just for a few lucky ones. This new collection is bold, beautiful, magnificently embellished with beads, sequines and finishing touches sewn to them. The base colour, sand, is stained with red and blue, colours that reminding of the nature and the landscapes of a tropical island. Danish Wakeel as well as being the designer has also modelled his collection with his gorgeous models at the Runway Club. And to explode a myth about models and eating disorders, pretty girls offered Krispy Kreme doughnuts to everyone. Guests of honour on the runway Lewis Duncan Weedon, fashion designer of the LDWAtelier brand and Stuart Phillips,the most expensive celebrity hair stylist known for giving hair styles to most Hollywood celebrities.
 As Danish declares with his latest collection " For this collection I read the whole concept of dandyism in the 18century and the contemporary metrosexual concept which was coined in 1994 by Simpson in one of his essays. I'm trying to make these two concepts meet somewhere along the line. thats what my collection is all about.It is also an extention of underwear couture 2011,so from underwear i m moving to outerwear".
Credits to:
Choreographer: Reuben Joseph

Presenters: Emma Haylan Hall and Fiona Ogedegbe

Makeup Designer: Clare Elizabeth

Make up artist: Dimple Patel

Hair stylists: Kim Lomax and Lina Varaniene

Body Artist: Aliya Khan

DJ: Djslam Trini

But now look at these pictures by fashion photographer Sergio Mattioli:
Danish Wakeel modelling a pair of slacks and body paint by Aliya Khan

An ensemble by Danish Wakeel

Stuart Phillips Vip hairstylist, Danish Wakeel and Lewis Duncan Weedon fashion designer and paparazzi darling

Lewis Duncan Weedon on the catwalk

Top and brief in danish signature colours

Ready for the pool

A beautiful embroidered top

Grand Final on the catwalk with the star of the evening

Photo by Sergio Mattioli


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