Superga Store in Neal Street

Superga is the plimsoll par excellence. Italian brand founded in 1913 became very popular among the tennis players and then out of the tennis fields. Quite a few generations worn these rubber soled and fabric shoes. Firstly they were only white or blue, but in the last decades many colours went in the range. Shops in Italy had a whole wall completely covered by these models arranged by colours from white to black, passing from yellow, red, pale blue, green, and also quilted models, gingham patterns, in velvet and in leather. I have always loved these shoes and they are the only ones I can wear in terms of plimsolls. I've tried other models but just after a season the sole was split in two and I had to chuck them.
I've got only two pair of shoes left, a bright orange and this sparkling golden little number, but now, in the next few days in Neal Street in Covent Garden a brand new Superga store will open for the delight of many fans.


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