Claudia Bradby a new way to wear pearls

I've been to John Lewis  during a Fashion Night and I've been struck by Claudia Bradby "chicness" and purity of her collection. Pearls necklaces that most people might think only for over 70 are interpreted with a modern twist retaining a certain charme even with this new look. Pearls and freshwater pearls are teamed with smokey quartz, silver and other semiprecious stones. The prices don't break anyone's bank account and at the end you'll end up with a nice piece of jewellery. In two months time is Christmas so this is could be just right up your street for the perfect gift to a friend, to Mummy, and why not to yourself, unless you've got somebody special who might read this page and pick up some ideas to be left under the Christmas tree. Just go to Claudia Bradby ' s website  or John Lewis and look for the "Arctic Fox Collection". What you'll see here it's only a small example of what you can find online or at the shop.

Claudia Bradby

The beautiful display with a jewellery box owned by Claudia's grandmother

Necklace Cotton Candy at £ 72.00

Northern Angel charm in silver with a small pearl at £ 33.00

Silver Hoops earrings with pearls at £ 40.50

Striking Tiffany pearl necklace with a smokey quartz and silver charms at £ 108.00

Vixen bracelet with freshwater pearls smokey quartz charm and silver at £ 63.00


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