Leee Black Childers' first Pop Up Art Show in London by Stephen Mahoney

An event not to be missed, and I can tell you, this is Fashion with capital F, thanks to Stephen Mahoney:

"As London goes all arty this week.
I raced off to London WestBank Gallery, Westbourne Grove, W11, for private view of New York based, iconic photographer, Mr Leee Black Childers, at his first ever UK pop-up gallery show.
Mr Childers is a living testament, that a Kentucky corn fed lad, could and did make it in New York city, armed with a camera his brother bought him when he was in high school. The camera bug bit into him and he continued to use this device, to good effect, snapping Drag Queens, Rent boys, Pick Pockets, Rockstars and Punks.
Having cornered Leee, at the show, he confessed to me, "my career all took off when I accompanied Andy Warhol's superstar Jackie Curtis to the White Factory".
There, "I showed Andy my photo's", and he said, "what are you"? I was at a loss for words and stared at Andy Warhol, he pointed at another one of his superstars, Candy Darling and went on to say, "Candy, says he's a woman", "so you say, your a photographer".
"From that day onwards, with Andy's encouragement, I told everyone I met, I was a photographer.
And Mr L Childers, went on to take amazing reportage images of the most unorthodox people, from 60's, 70s and 80s, the likes of which have never been seen, of Mr Andy Warhol and all his Factory superstars, Jayne/Wayne County, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and from UK The Clash and Sex Pistols having dinner together, to Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood in the kitchen of Caroline Coon's home, at Ms Coon's Christmas Eve dinner.
I'd caught LBC on a role and he related another time, when he was searching for the venue of NYC punk Cherry Vanilla's launch party of her Biography.
This was held, at one of those, then, down town hotels, that didn't have a name on outside. It was a bit of no go area for most upscale NY, but I was use to it, having lived in the Chelsea (a notorious Hotel, where, he'd open the door to make sure the cost was clear of undesirables, so he could leave ). But still, roaming around that part of the city at night, was a bit-you know-then, luckily a I saw the party queen of NYC, Patricia Field, composed and leaning against the outside hotel wall, having a puff on her cigarette, Ms Field recognised me and tilted her head, to indicate I was at right place, and seeing Pat there, I knew, I was at right joint and it was going to be a hot party.  
If you miss this 1st pop-up gallery, that's on until Wednesday. The 2d pop-up G, is going to be next week, at 44 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP from noon to 7pm for 2 weeks.
An absolute essential show, for anyone interested in Art, Rockstars and social commentary exposed, in some of the most unlikely locations. 

Stephen Mahoney "

Leee Black Childers
photo by Stephen Mahoney


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