Pachacuti: Panama hats with a conscience

I am a big supporter of ethical fashion and when I can, I always post something about these labels. Being ethical doesn't mean being dull. Pachacuti is a living proof that being Fairtrade, being ethical  it means being glamorous. This year it scooped the Observer Ethical Award, I was there, great evening, and now it presented its new collection at London Fashion Week at the Estethica's wing.  All the panama hats are made  in Ecuador by several groups of women associations. The work supports the weavers, their families and community projects. These hats are made using old weaving tecnique, tipical of the Andean communities. The look is very vintage but at the same time, these hats can be rolled and put in a suitcase ready for your next holiday. Panama hats are embellished with ribbons in silk or feathers sourced in Scotland from hunting estates. The straw used for Pachacuti 's production is sourced locally in Ecuador, organically grown. I've told you everything, now you just have to go out and look for one of these gorgeous hats, Christmas is close and this is a great idea for a gift full of meanings.

The black Chicago hat and the Marquesa, with bow and heart

Casual Classics and Sustainable British Luxury

Daisy, the green Windward Seaglass and Vita with "Liberty" fabric band

Wilde with silk ribbon and feather pin


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