Carnaby Street Shopping Event

Everytime there is an event at Carnaby Street it always worth it going because freebies, live concerts, free makeovers and nail bar and more are always on the menu. Just a couple of weeks before December the 20% shopping Event took place and the balmy weather has been just the cherry on the cake. All the shops were giving a 20% discount helping with your Christmas gift list and while everyone was busy buying, this delightful task has been livened up with a live concert  thanks to the band Luminites on stage at the Newburgh Quarter. The Levi's store offered to its visitors champagne, cupcakes and  a nail bar was in site for the ladies. The Lee store instead had set up a photographic studio where a professional fashion photographer was ready to take the picture of everyone patient enough to queue up at the door. By the end of the evening 200 shoppers have  received a fantastic goodie bag with products contained in a Limited Edition Carnaby Street canvas bag. What else to say? Check the Carnaby Street website, firstly because it is packed with ideas for Christmas presents with a twist and then you can register to be informed when the next 20% Shopping Event will take place which I can anticipate it is going to be on the 31st of May and if you have already a 2012 diary I would suggest to keep that date free from other engagements.
A very stylish winner of the great goodie bag
(picture courtesy of Carnaby Street)

The band Luminites
(picture courtesy of Carnaby Street)

The shop David & Goliath like a playground fair

The big queue at the Lee store, but it was worth it, when else have you got the opportunity to have your picture taken by a great fashion photographer?

The Levi's store greets shoppers with champagne and cupcakes. Here as well the chance to get your picture taken

At British shop Merc a treat for all the men, a trim to the beard or the fringe.


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