Christopher Raeburn Outwear Collection

Christopher Raeburn has got an awards under his belt and a nomination for Emerging Menswear Talent. His collection is just something that everyone would wear, nice pieces brightly coloured, perfect for this English weather quite unpredictable even in August. Here Christopher Raeburn' s jackets and sweatshirts are the must items to put in a suitcase for a holiday in the countryside. This season the guest of honour for his prints is a Squirrel and we've seen giant squirrels during London Fashion Week posing among the collection. Christopher Raeburn was wearing one of his pullover and he showed me how the light reflects on the prints becoming fluorescent.
Christopher Raeburn is  a strong supporter of using British textiles and companies for his "British" range and his commitment in using fabrics reclaimed from other sources like the vintage military fabrics used for his latest collection "Remade" where  every garment has got only 50 pieces worldwide, a limited edition collection. With the range " Lightweight" has been made using reconstructed parachute fabric. Looking forward to see his new collection at Harvey Nichols, for now just have a small preview of his menswear range.

Christopher Raeburn wearing his Squirrel Print Pullover in charcoal with reflective effect.

A glimpse of a giant blue squirrel and in the background a Squirrel Print Pullover in cream and blue print a beautiful grey wax cotton jacket on the right and a reversible Skylon Hoodie in black and melange

A red Skylon Hoodie on the left, a Squirrel Print Pullover in cream with red prints and a red wax cotton bomber on the right.


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