Feud Britannia and Society Footwear: Colours at your Feet

Now everyone who's reading this blog knows that I've got a fondness for colours, the brighter the better. In this cold climate where it's dark in the afternoon it's great wearing block colours, and during the summer a bright colour matches the weather. Feud Britannia and Society Footwear mastered this introducing their Spring Summer 2012 collection with footwear for men and lovely wedges for women. The prices are bright like the shoes, starting from £ 80 up to £ 120. I've touched those shoes, the leather is so soft it nearly melts between your finger. Look up on the internet for a stockist,
Gorgeous model Bail at £ 80 by Feud Britannia

Model Wish at £ 100 by Feud Britannia

Model Marianne with a great chunky heel at £ 80 by Feud Britannia

Model Catherine with laces and model Whip at £ 90 by Feud Britannia

A selection of men s' shoes by Feud Britannia and on the lower shelf by Society Footwear


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