Haiping Xie and Deng Hao for Fashion Shenzhen Spring Summer 2012

It was a much awaited show the double act for Fashion Shenzhen 2012. Haiping Xie and Deng Hao ' s creations went on the catwalk at the packed Freemasons Hall venue of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout.
Among the guests there was the Ambassador of the People 's Republic of China and the conceptual artist Pandemonia. The two designers put their background in the collections with lacquered reds, bright colours, like greens and yellows, sheer fabrics and prints. Deng Hao started ion the 1980's, when fashion started to move its first steps coming form the west. Deng Hao launched her own brand at the beginning of the 1990's.
Haiping Xie founded  the Haiping Research and Design Centre where he and his team worked on outfits for several companies. He showed his own collection during Hong Kong Fashion Week and this is the third season at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

Deng Hao sequinned evening gown.

Haiping Xie 's beautiful dress


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