PostHuman Wardrobe by Nimesh Gadhia

Vauxhall Fashion Scout 's "Ones To Watch MEN" introduced to the fashion pack during London Fashion Week the designer Nimesh Gadhia, whose label "PostHuman Wardrobe" sent on the catwalk a collection which could be more a work of art given the lines and the shapes of trousers and jackets. PostHuman Wardrobe' s palette saw dark green and white like the stars of the show, with some flashes of red in a scarf, both very thin or wide adorning the models' necks. I like the floaty shirts which reminded me of a medieval shirt and the structured jackets are garments where it is possible to see the skills of a Savile Row's tailor like Nimesh Gadhia, who knows exactly how to design and cut a garment to perfection.


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