At the International celebrity photographer John Stoddart private view of "The Black Dahlia Avenger" at Society Club, 12 Ingestre Place, Soho.

 New year, new events for me and my style spy Stephen Mahoney. Here is what we were up to yesterday evening. The exhibition will run until the 3rd of March .
"A host of London's wise and creative came, dressed to the nines, to feast their eye's on John's tongue in cheek spin of 1940 Black Dahlia murder. A show created using Mr Stoddart archive images of A lister Catherine Zeta Jones and a host of glamours seductive women, in various positions, giving a less gruesome tale on the event.

Guest's, actress Sasha Pick played a low key card in her black streamline puffy coat, with a cream cashmere scarf and sweater, arm in arm, with her pal Stephen Mahoney, Fashion Editor, in grey cap, Missoni glasses, Drakes scarf and Ted Baker coat.

Not to there to be over looked, was Anne Pigalle fellow photographer, who donned her striking fake fur coat, with pretty cats faces printed into the pattern, bought Anna told me "at London vintage store for £5".

Next, was, never a shrinking violet, Wendy Tiger. Wendy was a former nightclub dancer, tonight she wore a fitted spandex & chiffon dress that showed her curves are still in all the right places, plus a sequinned, single buttoned knitted top, and her mate Vanessa Baldwin, wore a butter soft, black leather coat, "that I bought in North country boutique", said Vanessa.

Clocking the lady in a veil pix, was Jacqueline Roffe, the society butterfly and business woman, who'd plumed for a Ralph Lauren mans jacket, (one of her ex's) and to retain her feminine side, a dazzling shirt collar necklace, yet another gift from former boyfriend. Lucky lady.

A sartorial air was introduced when Mark Powell London tailor, came sailing through the door, in one of his daytime chalk stripe, bespoke suits, a snip at £2,500.

Keeping the eye candy count soaring, were two girlfriends Anna Carolina and Antalya. Anna sporting a tan collar and ankle boots, teamed with fab shocking pink Celine bag, thus lifting her black ensemble and her chum Antalya defused her silver heels and evening skirt, with a loose t-shirt.     

Queen of the cabaret scene Eve Ferret was on hand to sing a little naughty ditty, if the Society Club 's founder Robert Perino got up to any of his old shenanigans.

Finally, at the close of the PV, Mr John Stoddart had weathered the storm and retained his playboy demeanour, in his razor sharp, black evening suit, crisp white shirt and bow tie, that were all still intact. 
Thus allowing John to stroll out into city, with the stunningly elegant Alex Naylor for well deserved cocktail or two. As befitting a gentleman."

By Stephen Mahoney
Pictures by Stephen Mahoney & Cristina Polizzi


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