Hot Milk, lingerie for Mums to Be or Nursing Ones

I went to The Lingerie Collective the other day and I've been swept away by all the sophisticated lingerie in show. One company caught my eye, HotMilk, from New Zealand which displayed its collection of underwear and nightwear for pregnant women or nursing ones. Why during these months where the body changes so much a woman should not feel beautiful and sexy? HotMilk creates fantastic and sexy lingerie where the best cotton, cotton jersey and micro fibre adding luscious laces and sophisticated details. The cups are the right size for the right support, the straps have got a practical clasp making possible to breastfeed showing a lovely bra instead  of something plain and boring. Nightwear is very sensual with laces and deep colours for baby dolls, or sporty but pretty for a night of comfort. Let's talk about the prices, HotMilk is not expensive and despite its high quality the range is very affordable, matching the price tag of a Marks and Sparks bra or brief. The pictures are from the current collection, I've seen the 2012 collection and I can anticipate that it is stunning with deep red matching sets, black and purple as well as a range for everyday wear.

Check the nice detail of the heart with Swarowsky crystals sewn on the front


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