Francesca Marotta "Amore della mia Vita" AW 12/13

Italian Francesca Marotta introduced her second collection, the first on the catwalk at the magnificent Goldsmith Hall in a show produced by My Beautiful Fashion. This collection is called " Amore della mia Vita" or " Love of my life" and it is inspired by Sicilian women who lost somebody important in their lives. The palette comprises black,and grey, representing the colours worn mainly at a funeral in Sicily. A red skirt and a red lace outfit are the only coloured notes in this collection. Francesca Marotta used wool, lace delicate as a spider web, soft cashmere, brocade, sheer silk, hand knits and butter soft leather. Accessorises were very important in this show with bold pieces of jewellery by Milko Boyarov in phosphorescent yellow, red and blue. Dramatic make up completed the look showing the models with a grave expression, mourning for their lost loves. I must say that few pieces caught my eye. Watch the show to be left amazed.

Lace sleeves for this coat soft and warm like anything I've touched before, definitely my favourite piece.


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