Toms Shoes Spring Summer 2013

I am a fan of Toms Shoes for more than one reason. First of all they are a collection of shoes for women, men and children and they are made with great  sustainable and vegan materials and manufactured in a very fair trade environment, the colours are fantastic, inspired by different countries like Africa or South America and most important, for every pair of shoes Toms gives to a child in need a pair of shoes.
These shoes are lovely and you can just imagine little feet wearing them. The bright Red Clea model I wish it was made in larger sizes because I would not mind wearing them.

This seasonal classic model has been  updated creating this sweet crochet flat. In here you can see the silver and yellow version but there are more colours for this range including my beloved purple.

These strappy wedges are very comfortable, despite the height the insole is soft. These models are perfect with everything and the range of colours make it very easy to match them with every single item in our wardrobes. The Denim Stripe model is very versatile, the Blue Ikat model has got the wedge covered in the same print. The Pink Hemp model has got a very soft fabric and a nice cord wedge while the Oahu model is very bright and with a wedge made of cork.
And in here we've got the wedges, comfy ideal from day to evening thanks to the choice of the fabrics. The Indigo Metallic Linen model goes with virtually everything. The Village Stripe model has got all the colours for the next season and the Orchid Hemp model will make happy who loves a purplish hue.

Men have got this limited edition collection partnered with Movember where this movement raise money for Men's Health Issues in particular prostate and testicular cancers. From the 1st of November these shoes will be on sale and proceeds from their sale will go to this charity. The small red moustache embroidered on the shoes will pin point the commitment for this important matter.
Men have got a great choice with the Toms collection. This line is the popular Desert Botas in a selection of Denim, Grey Denim, Stripe and the Botas model next to them  in Grey and Rust.

This sea - inspired line, the Biminis has got stitching and the feet are very comfortable in them. In red, chambray, in grey and black denim, these are shoes to be worn all summer.

This pair of glasses, the Lobamba model is one of the 5 lines of Eyewear Collection.  For every Eyewear sold Toms gives a person in need  a life saving surgery to treat cataract for example or medicines and treatment for eye injury, infection or diseases or a prescription glasses. Things that in the western world are quite taken for granted, in many countries are still a big issues.
For more information, to check the current collection which is gorgeous and to know more about this company go online to 


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