Next Autumn Winter Collection

It is very hot at the moment but fashion always thinks ahead of six months so that when the season arrives already trends have been set and shops are full with the new collection. Big high street chain Next has introduced its new collection which is going to appeal to everyone. Looks from the catwalk have been the inspiration for what we are going to wear in three months time.
The punk look will be a must for the next months with red tartan and leather combined together. The biker jacket has got a checkered tartan and faux  leather sleeves, paired with a faux leather mini skirt and a black thick jumper. The price for the jacket will be £ 60.00
Very bold this ensemble with checkered  blouse and trousers. The dark grey colours allowes for a red bright bag. The perfect look for the office, stylish yet demure.

I love this red coat with a belt that gives a nipped waist, it is just what we need for those grey days. The palette for next season has got red, black and grey mainly so we can accessorise this coat with a black bag and a furry black hat.
This faux fur coat with faux leather sleeves is great. Styled with denim but perfect with any outfit, it will be one of those pieces that will become a staple in our wardrobe. Priced at £ 70.00 it is a real bargain. In a couple of months it will be possible to find all these gorgeous garments in store nationwide.


  1. I really want a faux fur coat with fuax leather sleeves found out that next had it in my home town monaghan in the january sale now they are gone can you help me get one somewhere thank you kind regards venesss

  2. Dear Venessa,
    Have you tried online? Every website has got a sale section, so you might have it as well and find your coat. If not phone to a Next shop and ask if they've got it in stock. Maybe if you can find the stock number will be easy for them to trace it and they can send it at home. I think this is the only way. If not try any vintage shop, sometime they've got fabulous things. Beyond Retro in London has got heaps of faux fur coats.


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