Cath Kidston Ready for Christmas

I am sure that in every house there is at least something by Cath Kidston, it could be one of the several oil cloth items like a make up bag, handbag, or stationery, or maybe  some for the little ones and all those essentials that we need in our bags to store phones, or glasses or travel cards and so on. This little speech takes us back to one of the best shops with a Christmas list on our hands. Honestly there is something for everyone. Better to start now and look for presents so that it won't be a rush at the last minute with shops full of people and stressed out sales persons.
Horses are a British tradition and for the winter season Cath Kidston has dedicated a whole collection  to the noble equines. This bag is great, made in oil cloth so waterproof. The print is very vintage, like those old prints you could find in a village B&B in some Agatha Christie's novel. As well as bags I've seen some lovely scarves and one of the girls at the press day was wearing a skirt with this pattern.
For the friend who moved  in her own flat or a new couple or for any relative who loves spending time in the kitchen producing fabulous meals, anything from this range will make them smile. The rolling pin is so sweet and I love the spatula for icing cakes and mix ingredients in one of those great bowls.
More and more I see people on the public transport knitting away and lots of knitting groups sprung up where they organise a meeting in some coffee shops and among a cup of tea and a biscuit, wools and cottons become garments. So for someone who has got this relaxing hobby, a knitting bag like this is a must. It is going to be a very original gift that will please people from 6 to 100 years old.
A set for tea is one of those things that not many people think of when buying Christmas gifts but it is one of those presents that really are a winner. Very few people buy nice crockery for themselves and we end up drinking our drinks in chipped mugs or stained tea cups, so receiving something like this, obviously for someone who is known to be a connoisseur, will ensure that it will be one of the few gifts that will be used all year round.

Let's hope we are not going to suffer another winter like the one we had previously because it is going to be hard. One thing I hate is to feel the cold when in bed. With this hot water bottle with cover at least those winter nights will be fine. The hot water last till the morning with the cover (I am an expert on these items) and there is not risk to be burned when it is freshly filled. The penguins add a little funny touch. This is a perfect gift for who is flying home for Christmas, because it is light, flat so great to store in a suitcase. And a hot water bottle is not useful only when it is cold, even when we are not feeling well it is a nice object to hug.
A present for the last minute or for somebody who surprised you with an unexpected gift? The Christmas mug is perfect. After all who doesn't drink tea, or coffee or hot chocolate at home? A nice mug is always a lovely present, a stocking filler and great for all the ages. This one comes with a lovely box that can be used to store all the bits and bobs around the house. Check for more ideas and to fill your Christmas list at


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