Soisire Soiebleu by Blackboard Shoes

I love trainers and generally flat shoes because with my hectic life, walking in high heels all day long will give me an excruciating pain. I confine my high heels moments when I know that I don't have to churn many miles. This is the reason why I always look at flats with style and when at Scoop International I've found Soisire Soiebleu, this Italian brand, I've just fell in love with it.
This beauty comes from the Daisy collection, a line of One Off pieces. Every single pair of shoes has been made using vintage scarves sourced in markets all over the world. Every pair of shoes comes with a certificate that attests the uniqueness of it.
This model comes from the Lome collection. Here the prints on the scarves have been transferred to leather and for each model there are a limited edition of only 977 pairs. The Lome collection comprises of 21 models and the number is inside the shoes and in a certificate that comes in the box.
The Magik collection has used a special craftsmanship on the leather in order to give a special effect on the shoes when exposed to the sun. By magic colour and pattern change. This collection has got only two models and they are both limited edition of 977 pairs with the number inside the shoe and a certificate in the box.
From the Daff collection we've got these shoes made in a Wingtip style. The pattern of the vintage scarves is printed onto leather and they are hand made. There are nine patterns for this collection and all of them are limited edition of only 977 pairs made. Certificate and number of the shoes are found in the box and printed on the inside of the shoes.
Suva is a biker boot with leather printed and that rock and roll look. Eleven different patterns for these hand made boots. All the shoes by Soisire  Soiebleu are made in Italy. The Suva biker boots are not a limited edition but still are so unique that I wouldn't be surprised to be stopped in the street answering questions about them. To know more about this exciting brand check for information about stockists and all the patterns available.


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