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Zatchels is the British company that put the satchel bag in the spotlight. This leather accessory, once relegated to the school environment it is now present at front rows during London Fashion Week and all the coolest bloggers and journalists and stylist carry one  because it can hold everything needed during our busy days. Zatchels has designed several collections so there is a bag right for anyone taste.
Made in Leicester these bags have got so many designs that even owning more than one it will always look like you've got different bags. The beauty of Zatchels is that online some models can be customised so if you want to add the handle or a shoulder strap or the initials, these are just few examples of what they can do. The Union Jack Collection starts from £ 119.00 up to £140.00.
For this season Zatchels has been working with fashion designer Jacky Tsai who designed the iconic flower skull for Alexander McQueen. Jacky Tsai has merged Western and eastern cultures and he created the designs for some limited edition satchels and saddle bags at Zatchels. Look at those two examples in the pictures. The print on leather is magnificent, it is a very difficult process but at Zatchels they manage to transfer Tsai's designs, originally thought for silk and cotton garments on to leather without loosing the colours and the vibrancy.

In this vintage cupboard the Petrol Print and the Virus Print are on display. The Skull Print is available as well in both satchel and saddle bag and the prices for these small works of art are between £ 165.00 and £180.00 for the satchel bag and £ 85.00 for the saddle bag. My love for colours makes the Petrol Print my favourite because loving orange and purple, I can find these hues in this print. For a more Gothic look the Skull print is perfect in black and grey/silver. These beauties will be available in late October.
The Kaleidoscope  Collection is fabulous. Comprising a barrel bag, a saddle bag and the satchel, the bright colours will help you to stand out in these gloomy and rainy days when winter will hit our shores. The barrel bag is priced at £ 50.00, the saddle bag costs £ 65.00 and the satchel goes from £ 114.00 to £ 140.00 depending on the size.

The Zatchels Quilted Collection will appeal somebody who wants a practical bag but who is not ready to dare with colours and bold prints. Available in black and white the price is very reasonable from £ 135.00  depending on the size of the satchel. If vegan and so against leather goods, Zatchels has thought of a Vegetarian Collection made with sourced leather alternative in dark olive, tan and brown colours for who is coherent with a lifestyle choice but want something fashionable. Prices start from £ 119.00.
The Gothic Lace Collection is in trend with this winter look. From the lovely barrel bag at £ 50.00, £ 65.00 for the saddle bag and from £ 119.00 for the satchel bag in a choice of sizes and customisation, this collection will see you through the cold months always as stylish as ever.

I will ending now with these lovely Pastel Duffel Bag Collection made with soft leather in three great colours: pastel turquoise, coral and yellow. The price is great as well at £ 145.00, the perfect bag for a day out, a week end break visiting museums and why not a bag for the season sales when you need your hands free in order to carry shopping bags. Check more designs and collections at and be tempted.


  1. This kind of bag is so durable because of leather.

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  2. I agree, they are fabulous


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