My Secret Dressing Room

I am sure that many of you when receiving an invitation to a high profile event reacted with one phrase " I've got nothing to wear". Especially when the event is a wedding and you don't want to use the same dress seen on similar occasions by all of your friends, or maybe it could be a one off event like an invitation to the Royal Enclosure at Ascot where strict etiquette doesn't allow a casual attire. For this kind of unexpected invitations My Secret Dressing Room has been launched on the 30th of April to cater for this kind of fashion emergencies.
What happens with My Secret Dressing Room ? Basically is a peer to peer website where who wants to hire a dress or an accessory is called Secret Fan and the person who wants to give her clothing and accessories for hire is called Secret Stylist.
This is just an example of how the website looks like. This means that whoever has got something that it has been bought for a special occasion and is just hanging in the wardrobe, now it can have a new lease of life and the owner can make a bit of money by renting it. Everything is covered by insurance and obviously there are strict rules in order to use this service in the smoothest way.
These two very stylish gentlemen are Semmy Levit the CEO of and Gianpiero Morbello the Executive President. In the last 10 months they've held a brainstorming session and then several events at the most hot venues in London in order to explain and find fashion passionate women with taste and a wardrobe to match. In Milan is already a very successful venture with over 1000 items online and more than 2000 Secret Fans. In London we've got the same number of items  so that London women can choose to hire for a week, for a month or the week end. Yes for now this service is available only in London but they are planning to expand in Manchester as well by the end of 2014. The plan is obviously to conquer the world.

So, if that wedding invitation is looking at you from the mantel piece or you've just had an invite for a very exclusive party, or maybe you've got the date of the century, register at and start browsing. If instead you've got lots of clothing that you had to buy for previous engagements and now you don't wear them rarely or anymore, make a bit of cash by putting them on the website. It could be extra money who will allow you to buy something new.


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