Heaven by Deborah Mitchell in a new packaging

The luxurious skincare products Heaven by Deborah Mitchell have changed their packaging and they've been launched at the Langham Hotel in London during a day of treatments and pampering for guests who attended the event, in order to try the effectiveness of these fabulous products. Deborah Mitchell has spoken of how pride she is of the new style and the fact that she doesn't have a favourite product, and I agree, being the creator of all these creams and tonics and lotions let's say they are like her children more or less, you can't have a favourite.
These three very sophisticated pots are the jewels on the Heaven skincare 's crown. The Bee Venom Mask in three versions, the basic one in the white pot, very effective with wrinkles because when applied it immediately lifts the skin, then the black pot contains the  Black Label Bee Venom Mask  which super intense with a high concentrated formula stronger than the Bee Venom Mask and finally in the gold pot the limited edition Gold Label Bee Venom Mask where only 500 pots are in production with each pot numbered and named when purchased.

Great travel size bottles of your favourite cleansers and tonic from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. The sizes are perfect to be packed in your hand luggage for a short break. The New Edition Cleansing Cream and Tonic will be the perfect products to put in your wash bag. The fragrance is delicious by the way.
This is a great selection of Heaven by Deborah Mitchell products, the one that you keep at home on a shelf in your bathroom which is going to look like a beauty Spa. The packet at the end is one of the most successful products ever, the EllaJane celebrity organic skin wipes. Those wipes clean perfectly every trace of make up without burning your eyes or scratch your skin because they are very soft. Also they are resistant so you won't shred them while you use them to clean your face at the end of the day.
I love candles and the Heaven by Deborah Mitchell candles have got a fantastic fragrance. The one in the picture is made with 100% organic wax and essential oils. The scent is a mix of amber, argarwood, sandalwood, patchouli and warm musk. 10 out of 10 for the new packaging, these beautiful products deserved a new look. Now that I whet your appetite go online at www.heavenskincare.com and start treating yourself .


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