Lija Activewear

I've discovered Lija Activewear and I'm glad I did. Maybe I am not a fitness bunny but Lija makes clothing that can be worn outside the gym or golf course or tennis court. Lija uses fantastic colours in its collections and high quality fabrics as well as technical details.  Now it is the right time to stock up on new active apparel and welcome the new season.
I am honest, I could go out in this ensemble despite not having a fitness club membership. The leggings have got a great print and they are so bright which match perfectly the grey maxi pullover. Great for a walk in the park, a school run or a trip in a countryside village.
Tennis anyone? During Autumn and Winter lots of tennis clubs, including kids ones organise tournaments and most of the time you have to be in the tennis court for up to 3 hours watching children playing, and when they've finished you would think that they are tired. Nope, they want to play with their parents so this outfit will be perfect, warm and at the same time leaving freedom of movements. I like the print on the Apex Vest. The shirt is available in more colours.
The crop top is a beauty and it matches the contrasting bright leggings in a very sophisticated way. Lija is stocked in UK in several outlets as well as online at Amazon or House of Fraser just to name a couple of websites. Mainly independent sport shops and fitness clubs stock Lija 's range so it is easy to find a store.
Ready to train for the next NY Marathon in November ? With this outfit from the Lija run range it will be more pleasant. You will be suitably warm and at the same time free with your movements and light in weight. The fabrics at Lija are breathable, quick dry, water repellent as well as giving a fashion twist with colours, prints or small details like ruching or strategic placed zips. Check online at at the UK and Europe section to find your nearest store and browse the latest arrivals.


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