Coach Watches

Am I the only one who tries to match the watch to her outfit or there are more like me who can't go out if the watch is not the same colour metal as her jewellery ? I know I am a bit obsessed with this kind of things and when I've noticed that Coach  makes watches perfect to be matched to what we wear and our accessorises I could not resist from writing about them.
They are all beautiful, difficult to choose from the extensive range  that Coach has introduced at the end of July. I love the leather straps that matches the handbags that the American label manufactures and honestly there is a style for anyone and for every taste.
The colours are gorgeous and they allow for a perfect outfit matching. The dials are white with black Arabic numerals, perfect for checking the time with no mistakes. I like the square shape, giving an edge to a classic design.
This is the Turnlock Cuff that celebrates the 50th anniversary of this kind of lock for the Coach bags, so this watch is well fitted in the collection bringing back a piece of history for this brand. The strap is in a top version of the Coach leather used for the bags  and the locket hides the watch. With one item you've got two accessorises : a watch and a a bracelet.
Animal prints are still big this Autumn/Winter  season (well keep them for next Spring Summer too) and if you don't feel bold enough to wear a leopard print garment but still you don't want to miss out on a trend, the Coach watches with animal print dials are just what you need.
The Legacy Sport Chrono is either with a metal strap or with the leather strap like in these two versions. The plating on the cases are very rich in yellow and rose gold, Swarovski crystals are on the bezel which is embossed with the Coach New York lettering.
The Tristen Stone Dial are absolutely beautiful with their semi precious stones dials. Tiger's eye, onyx and lapis lazuli are the three stones chosen for this season collection and I find them terrific, maybe because I love semi precious stones. May I suggest for a next model to use Labradorite ? I love it and it would be great in a watch.
Blackout is the black on black collection in stainless steel ion plated. The Turnlock Cuff is made with soft Port leather from the Coach bags production and the ceramic watch in black finish is just to die for. The Chain Link Bracelet is inspired  by the design of  the Coach  hangtag. As you can see the watches are all linked to the heritage of the bags designs. Check online at to find a store near you and to browse the range of watches and more , in order to know when what you like will be available.


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