Advent Gift Calendar : Day 1 The Perfume Shop

We are dangerously near Christmas  and now it is really time to start buying our presents, stop procrastinating this duty and start looking for ideas with value for money and the certainty that what we are going to buy will be well appreciated. The Perfume Shop has got tons of ideas and all right for everyone taste. You are never wrong with a perfume or something related like a gift set with fragrance and body lotion or a candle.
The VivaBox at The Perfume Shop is one great idea. Samples of the seven best selling fragrances at The Perfume Shop are in this nice box so if you are not sure which one could be the right one, with this "teaser" the receiver will sample seven different perfumes and when the choice has been made, in the box there is a voucher to be redeemed in any store. There is a version for women and one for men, both priced at £ 39.99.
 Angel by Thierry Mugler is my favourite fragrance and at The Perfume Shop there are quite a few gift sets which include a bottle of perfume, hand cream or body lotion or both and all the Thierry Mugler fragrances  come in  a set or just the single bottle in all their options.

"Daisy Dream" by Marc Jacobs has got a lovely bottle and the fragrance is light, fruity and flowery. A gift set is available as well with EDT, shower gel and body lotion. Chloe is a classic and its bottle is vintage looking with a lovely ribbon tied  at the bottle neck. Reveal by Calvin Klein is the newest fragrance from the CK collection and it has got some sensual notes and an oriental feel.  This one as well is available in a gift set with EDP and body lotion.
"Boss" by Hugo Boss for men has been an iconic fragrance for decades and still going strong. At The Perfume Shop check the limited edition bottle and you will be sorted for this Christmas with at least a man in your life, "Boss" is a classic.
With " Chanel N. 5" you don't go wrong. It is a timeless fragrance, loved by virtually everybody. After all it was the pyjamas choice for  Marilyn Monroe and who could blame her ? As well as this fragrance, The Perfume Shop has got the whole range of Chanel perfumes so that you can choose among the men and women options.
Among the Celebrity fragrances I think that " Rogue" by Rihanna gets my stamp of approval. I like the notes of jasmine, plum, peppercorn and musk, making it an edgy yet a feminine fragrance. At £ 19.99 it is the perfect gift for a teenager dealing with her first "grown up" perfume. Check online for more ideas and to register your "The Perfume Shop" card in order to redeem rewards at . The website is very easy to navigate so you can see all the options available for each fragrance.


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