Advent Gift Calendar: Day 17 Antler Suitcases

Christmas is one of the time of the year where travelling is a tradition, either going to some hot place or just going back home to visit family and friends. So if a journey is on the cards better doing it in style with Antler  which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this winter and it unveiled some great suitcases.
This is the Elara model with the case embossed with an Edwardian pattern which I've seen in old pubs walls. I love this purple hard case, resistant when put in the hold and recognisable straightaway on the luggage belt. In there you can bring back all your gifts and fragile items.
This stunning trolley is the Atom, a very light case starting from 1.9kg, made in Britain from Armordon, a woven polypropylene used in protective helmets and armour for military vehicles. It took two years of study and projects to come up with this product which is strong and light at the same time. Available in silver, black and purple. This suitcase is going to be Antler iconic piece marking the one century anniversary trade.
Jupiter is a fantastic suitcase where the biggest size weighs only 3.4 kg. This year Antler made me very happy choosing purple as one of its main colour for its collections. The Jupiter lining is machine washable, the zip is water resistant, very important details when travelling, it means that rust is not going to ruin the zip of the  case and in the event of spillage inside, it is possible to wash the lining.
The Onyx collection is in black nylon, part plain and with an embossed print detail at the centre. Receiving a suitcase for Christmas is one of the best gift ever, everyone needs an item of luggage  and they are never enough. Especially with the new size regulations Antler has got everything covered so that no problems are going to occur when checking in.
Antler has got a gorgeous handbag collection inspired by archive designs using hardware details and manufacturing them from soft leathers or full grain leather. The Ava collection is absolutely beautiful. I love the shape, the colour contrast and details. These are to be crowned the next It bags. Check online at  to find out where you can find the Antler suitcases and  bags and buy a piece of British heritage.


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