Advent Gift Calendar: Day 18 Cocorose London foldable pumps

Apart from this being the season of parties and sore feet, because  of impossible high shoes, but even every time of the year where a party is involved, for us women the problem after a night on the tile is going back home in high heels shoes. Now yesterday I've seen a girl and it was freezing, standing at the bus stop with carrying her shoes and barefoot. As well as feeling cold I don't want to think about the dirt she picked up going home. This is where Cocorose London should be in every gal's bag. A pair of foldable pumps, beautiful as well and comfortable.
These animal prints pumps  with their matching travel pods are a relief for sore feet after wearing high heels on your way back home. This is a gift that every woman will love and cherish because nothing will beat the moment when on the bus you will swap shoes. Cocorose London is not just for changing at the last minute, you can wear them all day or just commute to work and then change in high heels when at the office.
I love these metallic models, Cocorose London has got an extensive range and i like the fact that they are made in England where you can see the quality and the accurate details. A pair of Cocorose London pumps should be in any woman's bag by default.
The Houndstooth and the Tartan are gorgeous and the gold one are very sweet. Cocorose London are shoes made to be shown rather than using them as emergency footwear. Obviously when you need to wear something high for a function or a party it is wise to have a pair of Cocorose London with you to wear after. Go online at to check where are the stockists or to buy from the website.


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