Advent Gift Calendar : Day 19 The Hunt App

The Hunt is a fantastic mobile app for iOS7 and iOS8 and basically if you see something that you like but you don't know where to buy it you take a picture and you post it on The Hunt with your budget and your size. The community will tell you where to find what you are looking for. Or maybe you see something on Pinterest, Tumblr or any other website and you want to buy it. Same thing, just post the picture and you will see countless suggestions of where to buy your dream bag, shoes or anything that tickle your fancy.
Here you might find the last minute gift or special item that you don;t know where to find on the high street. It is free to download from the App Store on iPhone at or visit for more information. The Hunt drives 2 million visits a month so you will have a chance to find what you need while helping others find what they need. This community is great and it is a helping hand in solving fashion shopping questions.


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