Advent Gift Calendar : Day 7 Brics Leathergoods

Brics is an Italian company founded in 1960 that makes beautiful suitcases and leather goods coveted by the most famous people in the world. Just sit outside the arrival or if in a departure lounge, stay near the First Class lounge and you will see that all the VIPs are carrying a Brics suitcase. Let me name drop just a couple of names for you: the Duchess of Cambridge and Mrs Clooney. These are the people who love this brand. And this is an idea of a Christmas present that it will be really loved, after all holidays are near and you need a new set of suitcases.
This red set will be spotted straightaway on the concourse at the arrival. These are part of the Bellagio line with trolleys in 4 sizes and and with the right measurements to be kept in the cabin. This line is available in black, cream, olive green and pink as well.
These are the essentials when travelling in style. The beauty case is from the Bojola line and it is available in pink as well. from the Life line the three fold traveller will hold everything needed during a long haul flight or on a train somewhere glamorous.
This hold all from the Life line is gorgeous, perfect for a week end away or as a hand baggage for things that you want to have close in the cabin. The trolley from the X Travel line is available in several sizes  and in five colours so there is something for everyone. Do we want to talk about prices? Given the VIP status you would think that anything from Brics is very expensive, but no, they have a very reasonable price tag as well as being high quality products. Definitely in my Christmas wish list...and yours. Check online at or any major shop in the world like Bloomingdales, House of Fraser, Amazon online and more.


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