1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses, a Must Have Essential

Holiday time is slowly coming  and with all the restriction and weight limit we are always looking for some solutions in order to pack up all we need without having to pay a hefty fine at the airport.
1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses is a smart, stylish and above all, certified and sold by the best opticians all over the world and here in UK by Boots. After all when a product comes from a company like Johnson & Johnson there is a guarantee of professional involvement.

1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses comes in two different types, Natural Shimmer and Natural Sparkle. The Natural Shimmer ones gives depth and intensity to your eyes while the Natural Sparkle ones give a luminous and sparkling effect. These lenses are graduated and they don't cover the eyes, just the edges in order to define the look. Celebrity Make Up artist Collette Casey has trialled them offering some tips on natural make up.
Collette is wearing the Natural Sparkle 1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses and the effect is amazing. I've trialled them and I can assure you that the effect is fantastic. You 've got this beautiful sparkle in your eyes, no redness even if you've been up all night and people look at you without realising that you are wearing some kind of "cosmetic" contact lenses, well after all they come with a graduation and you need to have your eyes tested before buying them, they just can see that you look different in a good way.
Let's start with a small lesson by Collette Casey on how to achieve a make up no make up look for this summer. As you can see the fact that they are packed with their own liquid make it possible not to load a bottle of solution while travelling, and at the end of the holiday you've got no contact lenses left and you've got a bit more space for something else to buy.
Here step by step you can see how you can achieve a natural make up  using little tricks like illuminating cheekbones, lift brows and other tips that Collette has been giving to make you feel fantastic and beautiful.
Et voila' the look is done and the model seems like she's not wearing any make up while being very well groomed. I've been wearing contact lenses for years now and I can honestly say that the  1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses are very comfortable, well they are coming from a very reputable company like Johnson & Johnson where its Optician division is well renowned for the excellence of its products.
Finally do you want to try these fantastic lenses and being with a chance to win a 1 year supply ? well then go to this link here and follow the instruction: https://www.acuvue.co.uk/1-day-acuvue-define/challenge   and please if you win let me know. Browse the website which is packed with advise and pictures so you can see how the 1 Day Acuvue Define Contact Lenses really look like and how they work.


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