Primark AW15-16 My Pick

It is great to spend a couple of hours in Primark, obviously not during the week end but maybe when they open in the morning or late afternoon. Not a big crowd and the tills are quite empty (not that you wait much because the cashiers are so quick). I've picked few key items for this season that will see me through the next few months and surely next year.
This shaggy coat is fantastic, with a beautiful burgundy colour, just what you need when the weather is gloomy and dark. Only looking at this garment makes you feel warm. And at £ 25.00 is just not wise to leave it on its rail. Also you don't have to queue up to try it on.

Still remaining with coats, this Vintage looking faux fur brown coat is very Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City". Use the same fashion sense to style it like in the celeb TV series. Feel glam with only £ 35.00.
Channel you inner Julie Christie with this midi length skirt in suedette. This is firmly on my shopping list because it is a very versatile skirt. You just a meed a tight jumper, boots and a hat to jump back to the 1970s. The price? A snippet at about £ 17.00 or less.
I am not one that shies away from colours. This season Primark put on the shop floor a great palette with basically all my favourites, like this pair of trousers which is available in purple as well. This is another item that is going to be hanged on my closet, especially when its cost ias  only £ 12.00. It is impossible to put everything I like so the best thing to do is just drop at any Primark and look for treasures like these. They are perfect to mix and match with designers accessories and high street apparels. Check for your nearest store at


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