Annick Goutal New Fragrance Tenue de Soiree

Only at  The Savoy, a fragrance so sophisticated like the latest from Annick Goutal, " Tenue de Soiree", could have had its launch. The elegant Claude Monet Suite has seen a group of journalists meeting Madame Camille Goutal, daughter of Annick Goutal, the French perfumer who created so many fragrances since 1981 and that before that she has been a pianist and then a model.
Camille Goutal, together with perfumer Mathieu Nardin has created this sensual fragrance, " Tenue de Soiree" , Evening Dress in English, which is very new to the brand, starting from the bottle, which is different in shape and style from the other Annick Goutal fragrances. The pure glass has got a purple gradient nuance that recalls that moment when the sky gains a purple tinge at dusk, the moment when a woman is ready to go out in her best outfit.
The purple pompom is a homage to the Roaring 1920s and it is a reminder of those vintage powder compact puffs that add up to the glamour of the perfume. This over sized pompom can be detached from the bottle and used as an accessory attached to a handbag, now so trendy.

"Tenue de Soiree" by Annick Goutal comes in  two sizes, Eau de Parfum 50 ml and Eau de Parfum 100 ml . As you can see from the packaging, the name is taken from an invitation where the dress code is  generally " Black Tie". And an invitation also pops up on the box.
When writing about a fragrance I always mention the ingredients but this time I will keep  the mystery, not because I don't want to, but because apart from knowing that Iris is  one of the top notes and maybe I've smelled a bit of Vanilla, never confirmed by Madame Camille Goutal, who kept an inscrutable expression, ingredients are not revealed, but the fragrance is so indulgent that it will become the new classic. With " Tenue de Soiree" we've got the launch of a new olfactory family for Annick Goutal.
"Tenue de Soiree" is not available in UK right now, it will be launched nationwide on the 30th of January and Harrods will stock it. But if you can't wait another two months, if you've planned a trip to France you can find it already and be ahead of everyone else with this gorgeous fragrance.


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