Christmas Shopping at the V & A Museum

I love shops at museums. I always find great ideas for  gifts which are unique as well. I can't visit a museum if I don't stop at the shop for a good browsing and a spot of shopping. I've bought and received the best gifts from a museum shop. The V & A Museum Shop is one of the best if you are into fashion and arts. With all the exhibitions  going on at the V & A there is a huge selection of items inspired by what's in show. Also, given the free entrance at the museum, buying from its shop helps to keep it free for all the visitors.
It is not a secret that I love Labradorite so when I find a piece of jewellery with this magnificent yet not expensive semi precious stone I must have it at least on my blog. This pair of earrings are from Ottoman Hands and they are sold at the V & A shop. Labradorite is a magic stone with auspicious meaning so if you want to wish a happy new year do it in an unusual way.

This Limited Edition Print of only 50  is by Alan Aldridge and it is signed and numbered by the author. It is the poster for "Chelsea Girl" a film by Andy Warhol and Paul Morrisey, shot at the Hotel Chelsea and other locations in New York.
This Blue Arrow Spike  Necklace by WonderLuk has been designed especially for the V&A together with a collection of bespoke 3D printed jewellery. Great for the fashion orientated person, or for who wants a piece of jewellery different from what can be found in shops. Being designed exclusively for the V & A makes it the perfect gift for somebody who wants to stand out from the crowd.
Colouring books are very popular at the moment, and I'm talking about colouring books for adults. It is the new way to relax, engaging with colours and drawings. I like to do a bit of colouring while I watch a film or listening to some music. This beautiful book has got 45 patterns by William Morris  to colour as well as having pictures of the original designs.
With the " You Say You Want a Revolution ? Records and Rebels 1966-70 " exhibition still going on until the 26th of February, you can find something very cool for your rock chick friend like this Levi's American Way of Pants T -Shirt which is exclusive for the V&A.
Check the V & A website for more ideas if you are outside of London if not visit this amazing museum, browsing all the galleries or dedicate an afternoon to each one  and then be tempted by the shop's display and treat yourself or a loved one.


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