The Christmas List of Candles Gifts

Given the many selection of candles that I see in every store, with nearly all of the beauty, fashion and home range creating their own special candle, I can believe that this item is one of the most popular gifts of all. It is a little luxury that can be given to everyone and surely it is a very appreciated token. We can find candles for few pounds up to very expensive ones with the most sophisticated fragrances and with an opulent packaging. Look at this post for inspiration.
The White Company has created a range of candles for this  Christmas inspired by the four seasons. The Winter one is perfect  for this time of the year with its spicy scent of cinnamon and clove with a spritz of orange . This candle is filled up in UK with high quality mineral wax and it has got a 28 hours of burning. Comes in a beautiful white box.
Barbara Hulanicki ' s Biba label for which she is now a consultant for  the House of Fraser company that relaunched the label with success few years ago, with the beautiful Home Range, also a selection of Limited edition candles have been produced. These one wick and three wicks Tabac Noir candles  with the rich scent of rosewood, carnation and lily of the valley as its heart notes complemented blissfully the sweet tobacco, patchouli, cedar wood and other musky ingredients. The packaging sports the very famous logo in a gold candle holder. The best for your fashionista friend.
Beefayre has got a great range of candles made of 100% plant wax and pure essential oils. The Winter collection with its clementine and clove scent puts you in the right mood. This gift box comprises of three votive candles  with a 25 hours burning time each and three different fragrances: winter berries, clementine and clove and winter scent. From the same collection you can find room spray, room diffusers, tea lights and one or three wicks candles.

Crabteee & Evelyn sums up the spirit of Christmas with its fragrances that you can  find in its beauty range and home range as well. This particular period is an inspiration to go for its scented candles that as soon as they are lit up they wrap a room in a very festive mood, like being in a Victorian greeting card. The Noel candle has got notes of mulled spices, Fraser fir spruce and citrus fruit. There are three sizes and the candles on the picture is the Noel Botanical Candle with cinnamon sticks and apple slices covered in poured wax. The scent is more delicate for those who prefer a much lighter fragrance and for small spaces.
Always on the lookout for new brands, I came across the Nathalie Bond Organics and I've loved the products.They are using a non chemical recipe of soy wax and essential oils and the fragrances are delightful. My favourite is the Lavender one, but Lemongrass or Ylang Ylang and Bergamot, or the Winter with orange, cinnamon and clove are fantastic as well. It is hard to decided which one you want, they are all great.

Baobab Collection is a Belgian brand of luxury candles that are poured in beautiful glasses vases or stainless steel holders. The range is huge with decors inspired by African tribes as well as other sources  and once that the candle has burned out completely leaving no trace of wax inside,  you have left a gorgeous vase. All the fragrances come from Grasse. In this picture you can see the Wild Grasse Collection where you can find a small candle up to the Max one with 1000 hours of burning time, a room spray and the candle lighter which is a rechargeable and adaptable Zippo lighter.

Diptique Paris  candles are a classic and they are seen in all the major events when there is the need to use a fragranced candle to spruce up a room. At Liberty's department store you can find a great selection of Diptique candles and this "Un Incense Etoile" match the mood of the store for this year inspiration with the ballet " The Nutcracker". The scent of this candle is very festive with vanilla, spicy clove and incense.
Joules is always very colourful and and its home range has got a lot of ideas where you can find gifts of all sort. This candle has got a blend of relaxing essential oils  and it is beautifully packaged in a nice floral box. The Home fragrances for Joules are new for this Christmas.

This is not technically a candle but it is a great gift if you've got somebody who loves candles, because it is a home decor by Home Reflections at QVC and paired up with some tealights or small votive candles, it will be a perfect idea. Look on QVC for the Home Reflections Gold Plated Tealight Holder with Wood Tray.


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