Christmas Shopping at the National Gallery

The National Gallery doesn't need an introduction. It is one of the most visited museum in the world. Masterpieces are on display and exhibitions  are among the hot tickets around. The public display is with free entry so apart from donations or sponsors the National Gallery relies on the shop that sells a huge range of items inspired by the  paintings  shown. I always find beautiful and unique gifts every time I visit the gallery' shop and it is always one of my favourite stops when I'm looking for something unusual and when I know that the receiver is an art's lover. I buy things for me as well I must admit but it is impossible to resist and leave empty handed.
This superb necklace by Ottoman Hands has been especially created  for the National Gallery and it is inspired by the Caravaggio exhibition. Its style is very Renaissance with oval faceted precious and semi precious stones like ruby, onyx and labradorite. It is made of gold plated brass and it is a real amazing piece of jewellery. The colours of the stones have been selected to mirror Caravaggio 's palette. Also in the collection there are beautiful bangles with rubies or onyx or labradorite, rings and other pendants. This beauty costs £ 215.00
Mini umbrellas are always a very useful gift and they are never enough. These two are depicting the  Van Gogh 's Sunflowers and the Monet 's Thames. Their sizes are perfect to fit them in most handbags  and their cost is £ 22.00. There are more models and different sizes, all with details of some of the  paintings hanging in the Gallery.
With the Caravaggio exhibition ending om the 15th of January be quick to secure one of the stylish items inspired by it. This Burgundy Faux Fur Loop Scarf  is soft, warm and with the colour just on trend for this season. It can be put in the washing machine and at £ 48.00 it is a great gift for the fashion savvy.
A diary is always a nice stocking filler. There is something thrilling in starting the new year unwrapping a new diary, noting the first few engagements carried over from the previous year and then going back to it every day to check what you've got to do. I know that now mobile phones can do the same thing but maybe I am old fashioned but nothing beats paper and pen. This lovely diary is priced at £ 6.50 and there is a choice of covers available. It has been printed in UK and the inside features details from Monet's Irises and Paulus Theodorus van Brussel 's Flowers in a Vase.
At the National Gallery you can find a range of scented candles and room diffusers with fragrances inspired by the paintings depicted on the packaging. For example this Monet' s Water - Lily Pond diffuser  has got a delicate fragrance which is a blend of white waterlily, hyacinth, green leaves and wild lotus flower. Reeds and a nice glass bottle come in a elegant packaging together with the scented oil that is going to be poured in the bottle. Priced at £ 19.50 it will be a lovely gift for anyone.

Colouring books are very popular now. Apparently even the Duchess of Cambridge is a fan of this  relaxing hobby. I like to indulge in a bit of colouring myself and sometime I spend an afternoon with colouring pencils. The National Gallery has got a series of colouring books and this Gustav Klimt book is beautiful. Also Picasso and the Impressionists are featured at the National Gallery and at £ 10.00 it is an original gift for somebody who loves this Austrian artist.
This Venetian Glass Solitaire Game is a nice piece of home decor, with its glass beads made from Murano glass, the Venetian island specialised in glassworks and its wood base. It is a very ancient game where you take off a bead from the chessboard and then try to "eat" each bead like when playing draughts until you 've got only a bead left. Despite being a solitaire, I'm sure that it will be an after dinner game. It is priced at £ 75.00. Find more ideas  at where you can check the opening hours at the National Gallery and combine culture and shopping under one roof.


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