Harry Potter Props Exhibition at House of Mina Lima

Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them are a favourite for children and adults. How many of you have wondered who created all the graphic works in the films like the acceptance letter or the book covers or the famous Howler, just to name a few. All these artworks are the result of this two artists Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima who founded their studio MinaLima in 2009.
Now only until February, this magnificent pop up shop with an exhibition about graphic props of the Harry Potter franchise can be visited at House of MinaLima  26 Greek Street London W1D 5DE
This great location could easily pass for a Diagon Alley shop with the retail space on the ground floor and three floors of exhibition, free to visit where framed limited edition prints on sale and props from the films blend for a magic display.
This is the famous Howler that Ron received after he has stolen his father's car. This artifact is on display in a  glass case together with other props from the films and the people working there can tell you lots of small anecdotes about the several items on display.
Dark red for the staircase with posters of the fugitive Sirius Black and acceptance letters glued on the steps. All the  scenery is perfect to the last detail and you really feel like walking in one of those houses where the films were shot.
I love this fireplace where thousand of acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are trying to reach Harry Potter despite his uncle stubbornness. The setting is fantastic  and as you can see it is very detailed.
This is one of the premium limited edition prints on sale at the shop. This print is available either standard unframed for a total number of 1000 at £ 79.00 or premium unframed in a limited edition  quantity of 250 signed by the two artists at £ 279.00

These are other fantastic props from the films, school books which have been carefully made. They are not only covers but  even the inside of the books depict drawings for the subjects learnt at Hogwarts.
If you still did not buy the book " Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" you can have a copy of it signed by the two artists who did all the graphic works at £16.99 This is a great gift for the Harry Potter lover or for yourself. I've bought a limited edition print at £ 39.00 as a gift for myself, so there are many affordable and original gifts ideas. Check online at store.minalima.com if you can't visit the shop in Soho but a visit there is highly recommended


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