Zara Home Personal Fragrances Launch

Today Zara Home has launched in UK its first collection of personal fragrances and I've thought about them like a fragrances' wardrobe, wearing a specific scent depending on the season, the occasion and the mood. Zara Home has introduced 6  new fragrances created by perfumers Alberto Morillas and Jerome Epinette, encased in a sleek packaging created by Fabien Baron. After Spain, Italy and France the last leg of this scented tour has been London and from today these fragrances can be bought at Zara Home priced at £ 29.99.
Tonka Wood is the creation of Jerome Epinette and its fresh aroma is given by the top notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Blackcurrant blended with the heart notes of Midnight Violet and Lily of the Valley and base notes of Vetiver, Tonka Bean and Praline Flower. The result is a fresh and flowery fragrance, perfect for Spring and I would dare to say, it could make the first fragrance of a teenager. Great Christmas gift.
Floral Mystery  is another of Jerome Epinette fragrances. In here the perfumer has used again Lemon and Blackcurrant for the top notes but he added Lotus Flower, while the heart notes are given by Peony, Bamboo and Spring Magnolia. Base notes are spicy with White Woods, Amber and Pink Peach. Another fresh fragrance for Zara Home but with a twist.
Absolutely Sublime by Jerome Epinette is more energetic with top notes of Bergamot and Mate, heart notes of Violet and Black Tea and base notes of Brown Sugar and Guaiacum Wood. A great fragrance for the summer with its citrus scent blended with the sweetness of the violet and the whipping energy of black tea and brown sugar.
Aqua Bergamota is the fragrance created by perfumer Alberto Morillas. It is very fresh and zesty with top notes of Green Bergamot, Tangerine Aroma and Primofiore Lemon, heart notes of Neroli and Blackcurrant and base notes of Pamplewood. A summery fragrance, unisex  like the rest of the collection but its packaging, with the green  details, being less feminine, will maybe be more appealing for a young man.

Cuir Velvet has got the signature top note Lemon by Jerome Epinette together with Ginger and Cayenne Pepper, the heart notes of Geranium, Provence Lavender and Elemi and base notes of Patchouli, Australian Sandalwood and Marine Accords. Despite these fragrances being all unisex, I find this one quite masculine. It is the ideal scent to wear at work when you mean business.
Last but not least Evitorial Twist created by Alberto Morillas  is another one of the strongest fragrances  compared to the first three and this strength comes up through the colour of the packaging. Top notes include Sage and Lavender Flower, the heart notes are Ginger and Cedar and the base notes are Cardamon and Musk. I can see the different styles between the two perfumers with Jerome Epinette using three ingredients for each part of the fragrances while Alberto Morillas using only a maximum of two. Find about more at and add these lovely fragrances to your Christmas list, the price is right and they look and smell fabulous.


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