Annderstand AW17 " Romance Revolution"

Fashion Scout hosted the Annderstand fashion show at the Freemansons' Hall where the designer introduced her latest collection " Romance Revolution" during London Fashion Week. The palette as you will see from the video and the pictures, comprises navy, black and smoky grey and ivory. Metallic hues are also involved in order to attract those few sun rays during the winter season.
A trend that I have seen in other  shows regards belts shaped as corsets, and Annderstand  collection has got some coats with the back enriched with ribbons, nodding to this lingerie garment or maybe to a medieval inspiration.
Military style is quite present in the collection with capes and jackets. The embroidery of frog alamari in this cape is gorgeous.
This purple jacket is a beauty. Paired up with leather trousers and over the knee boots, it is something that can be worn everyday, or at least I would. The jacket here has got as well that military feeling that reminds me of the Romantic bands of the 80's like Spandau Ballet.
Annderstand' style is inspired by the 90's London vibe and this coat is the essence of the brand with masculine tailoring and frayed and distressed details. I've really love the socks with crystal application.
This beautiful coat has got metallic lapels so that when the sun shines they will attract the light and project it on your features making  them glow. On the catwalk some of Ge Yu, the designer behind the brand Annderstand, lingerie range as well.


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