Ideas for St Valentine's Day

St Valentine's day is one of those celebrations where if in a couple a gift is expected or hoped for, and for sure not exchanging gifts on the 14th of February it is always a bit disappointing. In my opinion if we wish to make a gift to our loved one, it should be when we want and not at a set date, but alas, it has now become a tradition. I've found some ideas, a couple a bit unusual but maybe more appreciated than a box of chocolate and flowers.
I am a strong fan of Dr Martens shoes and just now they've launched this limited edition St Valentine range which has just landed in store at the beginning of the month. This is something that a true fan of this brand will love. It is a capsule collection of footwear and accessories, with heartshaped cross over bags, while the shoes are the classic boots and brogues.
This mug from Sainsbury's is lovely. Perfect gift for the tea lover and if with a tight budget but it's the thought that counts. It could be a nice idea to pair it with some nice tea and at Sainsbury's there is a great selection of teas from well known brands.

Joules has just launched these beautiful wallets with plenty of pockets to store all our cards and little notes. A new wallet in these bright colours is a preview of the summer coming, hopefully, soon. Remember when gifting a wallet to put inside a coin, a penny for good luck and if feeling generous leave a gift voucher from her favourite shop.
St Valentine is for many, the occasion to gift a piece of jewellery, if this is the case but engagement rings and other important milestones have already been celebrated,  a necklace with a delicate chain and a pendant that can be worn everyday is the right answer. Laura Gravestock designs lovely pieces of jewellery in silver or gold and her prices are very reasonable. These two necklaces are from her new collection and they are just two of many designs available. They are really for all the budgets, starting from £ 20.00 for a pair of earstuds in silver.
Planned a trip away for St Valentine ? A new set of suitcases could be the perfect gift especially if, inside, there is the ticket for your next holiday. Tumi is specialised in sturdy, light and stylish suitcases like these two from the V3 collection in Blur print. With four wheels, less than 5 kg weight for the big one and less than 3 kg weight for the small one, they are the ideal luggage for a week end break or for a big trip.
Sparkly and fun this clutch bag from Sos15. This is an example but each clutch is hand made to order and the waiting time is about 4 working days. This means that if you want a clutch  bag with a specific writing like a name or both names, it is possible to have it. Before being scared by this exclusivity, the prices are great and you can check them online at


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