Mark Fast AW17 London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has just closed its door after a whirlwind of shows has captured all those attending this seasonal fashion event.  This season I've been to shows at the Fashion Scout  site at the Freemasons' Hall where I always find new and vibrant designers. This season only, Fashion Scout had about 42 shows and presentations. Mark Fast with his bright colours has been a feast for my eyes and I've noted quite a few outfits. But let's have a look at the video of the show by Pavzo.

Knitted lycra and wool, bright amethyst purples, fire opals oranges and all gemstones nuances as well as black and white.
I love this dress, styled with a simple black turtleneck sweater. This is the kind of outfits that goes from the catwalk straight in to the street. Who says that fashion shows display only unwearable garments?
Mark Fast here has put together my favourite colours, purple and orange for this fringed dress, a modern version of a flapper dress. Being inspired by cinema, art and sculpture, this dress sum everything up.
Knits, as seen before this show, will make you change your perspective when you will realise what beautiful things can be done, not only a scarf or a Christmas jumper. Mark Fast makes knitting something very cool.


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