Angus Chiang AW17 at Fashion Scout London

The first show on schedule introduced by  Fashion Scout at the Freemansons' Hall has been an explosion of colours that set the tone for a vibrant fashion season. Despite being a menswear designer, Angus Chiang had his runway show during the womenswear season thanks to his creations very gender fluid. The video by Project Video will give you an idea as well as some of my pictures.
The inspiration is the 90s, the electronic music and hip-hop culture. Customised school uniforms have been tweaked  and school stationery have been  used as accessories as you can see them from the video. It goes back to when we where altering the school uniforms to make them still allowed but with that twist maybe hidden  from our professors.
The headpieces are created using  artificial fur to remind the students hairstyles with headbands. Colours are very important, fluorescent colours like it was in the 90s youth magazines and at clubs.
Graffited denim is back again with drawings on it or messages and all the doodles that can be found on schoolbooks and exercise books drawn out of boredom in the classroom.
This ensemble is like the gym kits when we had PE classes. The big shoes in the show are inspired by the old canvas style shoes  but they are huge and extremely cool. Check more about Angus Chiang at


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