A Stylish Office Desk

Most of us are spending hours at a desk and surrounding ourselves with nice things can lift up the mood. Obviously I am not talking about having plush teddy bears scattered all over , but something tasteful and stylish.
Cath Kidston has got some stationery items that I love. The calculator and the hole punch or the stapler and the sellotape dispenser, just to name a few are absolutely great. Maybe they are better if you work from home or in a small office where they won't risk to be pinched. www.cathkidston.com
Always keep in your drawer a bottle of Merci Handy the hand gel. Delicious fragrances and perfect to clean your hands after  having spent hours at the photocopy machine. Look for them at Topshop, Selfridges and other retailers.  www.mercihandy.com
A scarf is a godsend while working in an office. Sometimes the air con goes at full blast and you just need to cover your neck in order to avoid  annoying pain. Or that beautiful day in the morning could turn out as a windy evening when you left from work so a scarf to wrap around you will see you home. Joules has got beautiful scarves and the Harmony model is lovely with its hand drawn print.
This badge camera bag by Next has got a chain shoulder strap and you can leave it inside your drawer. In case of an impromptu party at the last minute you can leave your day bag, transfer few essentials in this little one and then hit the tiles.  www.next.co.uk
Bring your own lunch in these lovely lunch boxes from Paperchase. Keep your fruit, salads and other snacks sealed avoiding spills as well as saving the environment and your finances by bringing food from home. www.paperchase.co.uk
If those high heels are a pain in the foot and the dress code is not so strict, indulge  and be comfortable with these Metallic flat Loafers by New Look. They are so smart that can be worn with formal trousers and they will jazz up your outfit as well as giving you relief from uncomfortable shoes. www.newlook.com
Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours with these insulated S'well Bottles. They are beautiful  to be seen and also you won't need plastic bottles that are just bad. You will find a wide range of patterns for the S'well bottles and a list of stockists can be found at www.swellbottle.com


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