Monday, 31 December 2012

Bestseller Press Day

What a great selection of brands Bestseller  has got in its book. I could see that they are very keen of  Scandinavian labels I could discover during my visit at their sophisticated offices.
                                                                                               Jack & Jones, despite the English name and the preppy look is a Danish brand. Established in 1975, it has got several lines for a fashion conscious man who likes style and a comfortable item of clothing. Among the shoes the Vintage line captures that look worn in the 1950s in American colleges while the beautiful jacket and shirt  are part of the Premium line that revisits classic designs with a modern twist with the use of high craftsmanship in the manufacturing of the garments and in the fabrics. A collection of staple items to be included in any man's wardrobe.
The name can sound Italian but Vero Moda is a brand from Denmark. Clothes are fantastic, great quality and the prices are right for a young audience. I've found the Vero Moda Intimates absolutely lovely, bright colours hidden maybe under a very formal suit. Just the thought will lift the mood on a Monday morning.
Only is a denim brand from Denmark that embraces the newest trends  and translate them in clothing with a very reasonable price. The Spring Summer Collection nods at the military look but the presence of flowers make me think of the musical "Hair" where denim, floaty floral dresses and military green jackets were all  mixed together.
I love accessories, they define an outfit. A great bag or a pair of shoes can make wonders on any look. Selected started as a men's brand followed by a female counterpart few years later. Soft leather and timeless designs are used for each item of the collections. The leather clutches are beautiful and the craftsmanship is unique.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ted Baker Spring Summer Collection

What a great collection from Ted Baker for the next season. Pastel colours and bright colours,  feminine look and and sophisticated tailoring. A glance at the past in the 1950s with a view to the future. For menswear we've got bright colours as well as pastel. Merinos wool sweaters and cardigans for the perfect layering.
This ensemble is fabulous, powder pink Jayne blazer and trousers Jaynet teamed up with the shirt Oella with neon pink contrast details. The pink clutch bag is the final touch. The womenswear collection has got fantastic pastel colours matched with neon details, in order to add a bit of a twist.
Clutch bags are lovely, and the black bag at the back is suggesting that they can fit  inside ready to be used if a sudden night out occurs.
The dress Letaa I'm sure is going to be THE dress for any formal occasion during the summer. Sorbet colour, embroideries and delicate fabrics light as a feather. Here is matched with the Hegie bag. Perfect partnered with a Islandt suit, Gatsbee shirt and Annarl tie.
A selection of men shoes, on the top Guri in suede, in the middle Terak in leather and at the bottom Nessibit, all classical models but with new details and colours.
This outfit screams heritage, Ted Baker has been trading for a quarter of a century, silver anniversary in 2012 so they know a thing or two about dressing smart and daring with combinations. Here a checkered Rolando jacket is teamed up with a Hevora shirt, a Zabwast waistcoat, a Knitted tie and final touch a Smlnice pink pocket square on a pair of Dobbee chinos. Relaxed but not formal, an outfit that will be perfect for any occasion from day to night( ok if you go to Soho House put the tie in the pocket).
The Waalton bag isn't gorgeous? Available in bright pink and lime as well and the Svana shoes come in yellow patent, nude patent and pink patent. With shoes like these any spring and summer outfit is sorted out. The wedge made possible to wear these shoes and be comfortable in the office as well.
Fantastic bold colours for the Skolday satchels. Why men shouldn't wear bright colours? If for some of them it is still too much to wear bright colours, to start using some accessories is the perfect thing to do. It is an injection of confidence.
I love these tanned leather bags with bow detail. Mayson, Tomaz and Brinkle are three of the four models depicted, so you know what you are looking for when you check the website  or when you are next at their stores.

Aminaka Wilmont Spring Summer Collection

It is very unusual that at a fashion show every single item in a collection is something that I would wear straightaway. Well that happened with the Aminaka Wilmont show during London Fashion Week. I could not stop for one moment to say " Ohh I love that, and look at that, oh this would go on my wish list". The colours, the prints, the designs, everything was just perfect and right up my street, I'm sure the same one of everyone attending the catwalk. Inspired by the construction of a perfume, the name of the collection is " Threicae" which in a technical jargon is an agent word and it means " To draw on skin" .
The collection is light and playful with warm and cooler tones, floral prints and more geometric patterns are mixed together exactly like a formula for a perfume.
Marcus and Maki at the end of the show.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

KTZ Spring Summer Collection

Every season KTZ manage to capture the attention of fashion editors all over the world. The shows are always packed with celebrities attending and gracing the front row. I really love this season collection, inspired by the craft of lace, here revisited in magnified details. Corsets are going to be very big in 2013 and corsets are in KTZ collection that took us to the Harajuku District in Japan with the Gothic Lolita trend, so you can see lace, pastel colours and black, lots of black.
The  team behind the label KTZ are Koji Maruyama, Sasko Bezovski and Marjan Pejoski. They mix their culture background and what comes up is just pure creativity and it works fantastically.
It is a pleasure to go to their showroom at 57 Greek Street W1D 3DX in Soho. Their fabulous garments are everywhere, racks and shelves and baskets, really is a treasure casket.
Look how detailed is the lace work, it looks like it has been put under a magnifying glass.
This jacket is great, here is teamed up with a beautiful skirt. I'm sure I'm going to check it out at the store in a couple of months time.

Those boots are fantastic, so sexy and working perfectly with that fabulous dress.

Honestly every piece of this collection is a winner. Check KTZ website  to know more about the brand.

This corset is a piece of high craftsmanship.

River Island Menswear Collection Spring Summer 2013

Men are going to be very happy when the Spring Summer collection will hit River Island stores nationwide. Colours, camouflage print, tropical, preppy, all the styles that appeal to men are going to be in store. The inspiration this season comes from African patterns, ethnic prints, and 1950s American style with Hawaiian shirts. It is fantastic that even if patterns are different the colour palette make easy to mix and match with great effect.
This African print shirt is fabulous teamed up with a green t shirt and distressed denim shorts. Perfect for a lazy day drinking Pimms at a pub on the river or for a picnic  in the park. The colour of the shirt will suits anyone.
Great sweat shirt matched with a bright pair of swim shorts. The leopard print on the sweat shirt is very discreet so that the shy man can dare to wear it sporting the cool look of the new season.
Camouflage rucksack and sport boots are going to be the staples in every man's wardrobe. A rucksack is a perfect hand luggage for a week end away and sport boots can be worn with denim, sporty trousers, shorts, in a few words with anything.

Ethnic print shirt together with a pair of trousers in matching colour. This look can be worn at the office as well maybe on a Friday when in some offices the dress code is more relaxed, but I think that just adding a tie and tucked in the trousers, the shirt is a winning choice for every day of the week.
Marlon Brando and James Dean would have approved this ensemble. Distressed denim jeans, a shirt instead of a t-shirt and a bomber. Menswear is becoming more and more interesting and I think it is great that men pick up these tips and dress less conservative.
And with the new tailoring line at River Island men don't need anymore to shop for formal suits somewhere else. Everything now is catered under one roof. From February stock will start being displayed in all stores, it is really worth a visit....or two...or three.

Friday, 28 December 2012

International Multi Media Event at Baku London

Baku London is the new sophisticated spot conveniently located at 164 - 165 Sloane Street SW1X 9QB. The discreet exterior hides a very elegant interior with an Azerbaijani restaurant whose head chef is pluri awarded King Dey and a club perfect to relax in style surrounded by art while listening to music.
This is Cellar 164 where for a night a multi media event has been hosted mixing an art exhibition with a live performance and music spun by a great DJ. Media and fashion consultant Stephen Mahoney curated this event with his usual and effortless style. No need to say that the guest list comprised  several celebrities.
Eleni Gagoushi held a private view during the night exhibiting her new works of abstract paintings. I love Eleni's creations, they are so colourful and dreamalike. Rock royalty own Eleni Gagoushi 's works, I could see some of her paintings become a cd cover.
Zena Kitt gave a live performance singing pieces from her new album. Her beautiful style and her great voice captured the attention of the guests who enjoyed her three mood sets during the evening switching from lounge, to rock , to soul, to jazz and dance. A real talent.
DJ Albert de Paname flown especially from Paris for this evening and he kept the guests dancing until the small hours with his selection of fantastic music ranging from classic disco, to modern latin dance. I could have danced all night.
When art is concerned  conceptual artist Pandemonia is always attending in order to meet and exchange opinions with the host. In this case Eleni and Pandemonia had a chat while Snowy has been cuddled as usual by all the guests in the room.
Fashion designer Nico Didonna was among the guests, together with his two lovely assistants, all kitted out in Nico Didonna's . With him Stephen Mahoney holding that gorgeous bag of his by Ethan K. Perfect evening, great place and a guest list that could have been an issue of Hello magazine.

Knomo Pop Up Store

Knomo is the brand that makes fantastic bags for the everyday life of very busy women who like style and at the same time practicality. Knomo is sold at major department stores but for a limited time, which is until the end of January Knomo opened a pop up store at 83 Great Portland Street W1W 7LS.
In here customers and fans of the brand can see the whole collection plus some exclusive pieces sold only at the pop up store, so that after the end of January nobody else will have some of the items on display. They've been designed especially for this store and they are all one off. How would you feel knowing that you are the only one owner of a bag? And when somebody is stopping you in the street asking " Where did you buy this bag?" you can just smugly answer" Ohh it is a one off piece from Knomo". You feel a million pounds.

These are just a couple of bags with the special label " Pop Up Shop Exclusive" so make sure to hunt down the bags on your next visit. As well as bags gadget holders like iPad, iPhone, Kindles, laptops and everything else you've received for Christmas or you gave for Christmas can now have a stylish cover made with the best leather or other materials.
Ortis Deley, the host of The Gadget Show, knows a thing or two about gadgets and how keep them safe, so who better than him to be at the opening of the Pop Up Store for the cutting of the ribbon? And once inside the shop Ortis found the perfect present for his wife, a Florence Weekender Bag in bright pink quilting and leather details.

"What Do You Think" is one of the few little surprises in store for the customers. An opinion board is holding some of the forthcoming designs and customers can leave a feedback, so that the next Knomo bag really is going to be more than just a bag, it is going to have your ideas and suggestions. To know more about offers, discounts and else just go to the Facebook page or Tweet at

Photos courtesy of Knomo

Thursday, 13 December 2012

EnamouRED 80 Years of Revlon

I bet everyone is reading now has got at least a Revlon product in her make up bag or at home. Revlon has been trading for 80 years and to celebrate  this important anniversary an exhibition has been held at the new Film Museum in Covent Garden. For three days only it has been possible to see items from the Revlon archive, videos of their advertising, piece of art inspired by the colour Red which has dominated the palette for 80 years.
Curator for this exhibition has been Ryan Lanji who has curated several exhibitions and fashion events with great success. Always mixing art with fashion, I've met Ryan Lanji at the launch of Dash Magazine, so I knew what expect from this exhibition. A perfect marriage between culture and fashion, with a catalogue that guided the guests during the opening and the following visitors on the days the exhibition has been opened to the public, through Charles Revson 's history and the birth of the modern make up.
I think that this artwork by Bobby John Patmore is absolutely incredible. This installation called " Architecture of an Empire" is the symbol of the Revlon company. Over 2500 bottles of nail varnish in red and black form this sculpture where the pots are encased in a wire fencing structure.
"Baton Rouge" by Linton Meagher is another artwork installation that really caught my eyes. It is made of hundreds of imitation lipsticks in resin. All the lipsticks are exactly replicas of the real Revlon products both in packaging and colours.
This relic is none others that one of the oldest nail varnish bottles from the Revlon archive. The colour is the Chilibean, one of the first nail varnish in production, this colour is not longer in the range. As you can see the bottle is not sophisticated as they are now, it is very simple, but in the 1940s packaging wasn't one of the strongest points in many companies.
When thinking of shoes and red the name that comes up on everyone's mind is Christian Louboutin who painted with red nail varnish the sole of his shoes. Was it Revlon Red that has been used? We don't know but artist Alice Melita Steffen has created this installation called " Message in a Bottle" with  completely red shoes enclosed in a bottle that looks like a nail varnish pot, with a pair of iconic Louboutin on the top.
Jenny Longworth is the Revlon UK Nail Ambassador and she is a regular presence backstage during  London Fashion Week, creating nail art for the best catwalks. This artwork called " Cherry " has been made by Jenny using acrylic nails, sequins and a mannequin's bust. With this installation Jenny Longworth matches fashion, the woman's body and the nail art using Revlon shades.
Obviously not only art installations have been on display at the exhibition. Screens showed videos from previous Revlon commercials dated back to the 1960s, as well as magazines, press pictures, displays and more from the Revlon archive. A great exhibition that did not last long for everyone to visit. Let's hope that all the fantastic items displayed will be seen in other occasions.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Karen K Shoes and Deborah Brand Corsets

When the weather is cold, the best way to spend the time is with a cup of tea while browsing gorgeous shoes and sensual corsets. So here I am cooing over some pairs of Karen K shoes and Deborah Brand Corsets. I know Karen 's products, very limited numbered shoes, all handmade and hand finished by Karen herself with those special touches that make the shoe unique. For Deborah Brand it was the debut night for her collection of Corsets.
Deborah Brand is wearing one of her creations and Karen El-Khazen wears a pair of shoes with fur cuffs at her ankles. Mannequins were wearing the corsets while the shoes were encased under glass bells, like in a museum, because I can honestly declare, those shoes are works of art.
This shoe is a beauty, with the flower at the back and its petals opening and closing depending how the wearer prefers it. You can see the signature Swarovski crystal set on the sole, which is the trademark for all Karen K shoes. I think that there are only 12 pair of this shoe model in the world, it comes with matching clutch.
Miss Glam is one of the most popular shoes by Karen K. Here the butterfly can be added to the shoe. Look at the attention to details that every single pair of shoes has. All the crystals are hand stitched and Karen uses the best materials, including special support to the foot arch so that the shoes are not uncomfortable and despite being very delicate are also sturdy and strong.
This gem as well has got a very limited number of shoes manufactured. Every Karen K shoe is different even if they look similar, when something is handmade is normal, it is like a gemstone, no two are the same. Karen has been approached by few companies in order to have her licence, but she always refused to be part of the mass produced market.
Miss Pinkink comes in orange or pink and with matching clutches bearing the angel wings, Karen K 's logo. I did not take a picture of the boxes the shoes come with. Pale blue and gold, with ribbons. This is what I love, something different that it is beautiful to leave out of the closet, it won't look messy, just stylish.
Lady Karol bags and boots. Available in two different colours, sand and turquoise or black and pink. The bag is roomy perfect for the day. The matching boots are gorgeous, I would not know what colour I would buy, they are both fantastic. The prices are not bad either, check the website but don't blame me if you are starting a shopping spree. Everything on the website is irresistible. A bespoke service is available as well for anyone who wants a one off pair of shoes.
Isn't it gorgeous this Deborah Brand 's corset? It takes over hundred hours to make one so from order to finished garment the time required is four weeks. Every single piece is handmade and the craftsmanship involved is highly specialised making the corset a sculpture.
Look at this corset with feathered shoulder pads. Each corset is numbered and it comes with a certificate of authenticity. Corsets are very popular right now and when well made, like in the case of Deborah Brand Corsets, the structure of the garment, worn for a period of time will help to reduce the size of the waist.
This black and gold corset is a staple item.Great for any kind of occasion, being the office party, or a night in a club, or paired with a small jacket when out to the theatre or for a dinner. Just changing accessories or matching it with a skirt or denim or formal trousers and the look will change like by magic. I think it is a very versatile garment. Now let's see when at the next red carpet event we will spot either a Karen K Shoes or a Deborah Brand Corset.