Launch of Fashion Magazine DASH at The Execution Room 12A Vyner Street E2 9DG

The launch of bi annual fashion magazine DASH kicked off the Fashion Week that on Friday the 17th will be at the top with the start of London Fashion Week.
Noe'mie Schwaller, editor in chief of the magazine has organised with her team the party in this art gallery in East London.  Among artworks of young artists, guests arrived at the venue greeted by Petra Loibl and her assistants and they were invited to come in the gallery where copies of DASH magazine were hanging from the ceiling strung with elastic bands in a very artistic installation.

Chief Editor Noe'mie Schwaller,wearing a fantastic multicolour dress, has been doing the honours during the evening and she introduced to me her team with Harald Weiler features editor, Anouk Rehorek art direction and graphic design.

The DASH team with Greig Scott holding the N.1 issue of DASH magazine.

The magazine combines cutting edge fashion with more traditional one and using the collaboration of illustrators and emerging talents all over the world. As well as magnificent drawings and illustrations, the magazine has got a series of articles, making it not only a collector magazine but an interesting one with in depth articles, current affairs and a mild satirical point of view.
Organising the launch in an art gallery it has been a stroke of genius given that DASH has got strong links with the art world. Its first cover is by Meriç Canatan, an artist displayed at The Execution Room.
And the brain behind this art gallery where the slogan is " The Future Of Original Art" is Ryan Lanji, gallery manager. The particularity of this art site is to give space to emerging artists, who might become the new Damien Hirst or the new Tracy Emin. The price are very reasonable and the works showed are beautiful and perfect to have at home.

Ryan Lanji with Alison next to the original work by Meriç Canatan used for the front cover of the N1 issue of DASH magazine.

I must admit I was quite taken by a drawing of a fashion girl, it looked like something straight from the catwalk by Spiros Halaris. I've left while DJ Erol Sabadosh was giving his musical contribution for the night.
Artworks by Spiros Halaris.


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