The launch of Asian Lifestyle Magazine International, Grange St Pauls Hotel, 10 Godliman St, EC4 V 5AJ.

"At 7.30, we took the lift to the Royal Suite on 7th floor, where cocktails and canapes were served, as Emily Burridge played the cello, creating a calm backdrop atmosphere, for guests to mingle with Yvette Shaw, Michi Color and I chatted with Latvian contingent, animator illustrator Ruslan Eldaron,
singer and fashion model Kristine Isajeva in her cute red dress & fitness trainer Casan Eldaron.
Play in front of the camera with brothers Ruslan and Casan Eldaron and Kristine Isajeva

9pm, we did mini fitness drive with Latvian's and took the stairs down 10 floors to -3 level to Club 10 suite.  There, Asian Lifestyle Magazine Group Chief Editor Viraj Yadav, thanked everyone for coming and informed us of the night's entertainment program of dance, fashion and music & proceed to hand the mike over, to co-owner of magazine Kash Akram, who thanked his sponsors. 
Viraj Yadav and Kash Akram

To warm up the crowd, DJ1Fritz played some soft soul anthems mixed with Asian hits, as their celebrity guest Vanessa Feltz, in a plunging, purple, fitted dress and the remaining guests took their seats.
Vanessa Feltz

First up, to entertain the crowd, was Angelo Ruggieri and Paola Langella.  They came strutting out, Angelo in a black chiffon shirt, fitted pants and a cumberband, as for Paola, she wore a red thigh high cut, blackness lace dress, with respectable nude underwear.  
Angelo Ruggieri e Paola Langella during their acrobatic tango

The pair wowed the crowd, with their acrobatic tango moves, when Angelo hurtled Paola over his head and span her around to the floor, clutching only her ankles and wrists.  
Next was a series of fashion shows.
First, was Munfrid, this collection was a rich colourful profusion of decorative Asian saris, for all occasions, to Omar Mansoor western spin on Hollywood glamour in silk jersey dresses.
Saris from the fashion show

Then a menswear line from Julian Trivedi, a grey or black evening suits with embroidered detailing on the cuffs or lapels, to day wear, a mans quilted jacket teamed with jodhpurs type pants.
Menswear from day to evening

Followed by Strand of Silks, fusion women's offer, that of simple shift dresses made modern, with either sequinned pattern, a butterfly motif, or dragon butterfly print and the finale women's range by Andrea Galer, who's corseted story underpinned her collection, in neutral colour palette.
Fashion show over, then Anita, Anu and Mandeep, the UK girl band "Serese" took to the stage and performed a medley of tunes, with a sexy gusto, that'll make any die hard Spice Girls veterans run for cover. 
Girl band Serese

And we did, to bar, for one for the road and grabbed a copy of Asian Lifestyle Magazine, to read their view points on how to deal with a cheating lover, keep fit, make money and be a better person, while driving a fast car. 
I know the mag sounds more like a entrepreneurs manual, or the definitive guide to winning the Apprentice, but, there is a definite need on the market for a new format magazine, lets hope this one has the winning formula. "

By Stephen Mahoney
Pictures by Stephen Mahoney and Cristina Polizzi

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