A London Fashion Week with Pandemonia

London Fashion Week is exhausting, running from one venue to another one, queueing up for shows and dragging a bag full of press releases, water, goodie bags and little time to eat because time is tight and the only sustenance are cupcakes, frozen yogurts from Snog, as we had it at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue together with candies and other nibbles grabbed at presentations and after show parties. When you do this with some friends is just fun, we are going to think about tiredness later, when all it 's over. During this week me and Pandemonia have spent lots of time watching shows and hanging out together with the rest of our party.
Waiting for the show to start, me, Pandemonia and a very well behaved Snowy, Pandemonia 's wearing one of her fantastic  outfit in a pillar red matching her lipstick, while I'm wearing a vintage hat from my grandmother, a coat by Sheryl May and vintage Gucci bag.

Queueing up before a show at the Freemasons Hall, we just had a delicious Snog frozen yogurt, mine was tangerine matching the colour of my Abitart outfit in this lovely picture by Rowan Papier. Pandemonia looks stunning in blue.

I had to take  a picture of Pandemonia while she was signing the cover of 55Pages, the magazine where she is on the front cover with a great interview inside. The weather was fantastic and the fans flocked to our table for the chance to have a picture taken with Pandemonia and have the magazine signed by her. In the golden dress she looked like a diva from Hollywood.
We need a break after all those autograph so what better place than the Crown Cafe' at the Strand where me, Shelley Pick from "Fashion Calendar", Pandemonia and the crew of 55TV had a moment rest with a cup of tea and a soup, before going to the Vogue Cocktail Party at the Italian Cultural Institute.

Another day, another show on the front row for me and Pandemonia. Fashion photographer Rowan Papier took this great picture of the two of us with Snowy eager to see the next designer.

Taking pictures during Lako Bukia 's show. Flat boots for me today, while Pandemonia bravely walks in high heels.


  1. great pictures Cris! I'd love to have my picture taken with Pandemonia!

    Sophie x


  2. Next season if you see us just come and say hello and I will take a picture with Pandemonia
    xx Cris

  3. Brava Cris!!!
    Sei meglio te di Pandemonia!


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