Spijkers en Spijkers Birds of Paradise

Lots of colours for Spijkers en Spijkers ' collection, meaning that next Autumn and Winter won't be dark with blacks and greys hanging in the shops. Vauxhall Fashion Scout hosted this catwalk at the Freemasons Hall during London Fashion Week. This show was an explosion of colours mainly purple, lime yellow and burnt orange, Skirts looked  flowers with a rounded hem like petals, fabrics involved in this collection were silk satin, crepe de chine and wool, soft, striped, printed. I loved the giant tie print which was the link for this collection inspired to Edie Bovier Beale, American millionaire who lost her money when her husband left her and her daughter. Without renouncing to their previous life of luxury they lived in a run down house that has seen better time, wearing their clothes in a very eccentric way.
The 40's feeling can be seen through the collection and I must admit, left in a shop with a railing full of Spijkers en Spijkers dresses I would not know what to buy, or probably I would buy them all.


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