Mauro Beis Creazioni...Handbags to die for

A friend of mine came few weeks ago to visit me here in London and she was sporting a fantastic bag, roomy, colourful and strong. I've been drawn to it immediately and my poor friend Prou, I'm sure she felt her wrist twisted because she said" It's yours, don't worry, a friend of mine makes them, I can have another one". So this fantastic bag now is mine, let me tell you about it. Mauro Beis Creazioni are entirely handmade using beautiful fabrics and eco leather. I can say that despite there is a kind of production with the several models, Mauro Beis being a craftsman, put his finishing details on each bag so at the end they are all one off items. As a strong supporter of independent and ethical labels I could not keep just for myself these great bags, perfect for the everyday life of us busy fashionistas. My bag is called Paola, by the way the all production has got women's names for each bag, and I 've tested its strength stuffing everything inside, I've just left out the kitchen sink for obvious reasons, but carrying it crossover body style, I can go around with my reflex, my netbook and all the essentials in a woman's bag. Comfortable and strong, something we need to go from work, to a press day and to a fashion presentation as in my case, but perfect for everyone for the office, the university, school and yummy mummies school run.
At the moment these bags are not sold in England, making them more desirable than ever but if you contact Mauro Beis at his Facebook page, I'm sure he will manage to ship one of his wonders to you.!/pages/Mauro-Beis-Creazioni/402480959769141

Lory in canvas

My Paola bag in brocade fabric

Annalisa bag in fabric

Giusy  colourful messenger bag in eco leather.


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