Nico Didonna Fashion Show at the Italian Cultural Institute

Fashion is culture and it's what Angelo Iudice, President of Accademia Apulia thought when organised, during a week of cultural events dedicated to Region Puglia, a fashion show by Nico Didonna at the Italian Cultural Institute in 39 Belgrave Square.
Nico Didonna is a fashion designer from Puglia and he has been living in London for ages. His collections have been seen during London Fashion Week and this time he gave a sneak peek preview of his new collection to a very selected audience in the magnificent reception hall at the Italian Cultural Institute.
This cocktail dress is part of the new collection inspired by the four Elements in nature. This was the first outfit starting the show and I really loved it. It is something easy to wear and it can change look just changing accessorises.

This dress definitely embodies the element Fire, the fabric is fluid reminding me of sinuous flames.
Flying the flag for England, model for the day and part of the Canoeing Team GB, Tom Brady is sporting a Union Jack jacket for the Nico Didonna menswear collection.
Ecru' and silver for this dress that is light and ethereal like the element Air that it represents. Here as well a different set of accessorises can transform this dress taking it from day to evening with no effort at all. Just whip out from your day bag a nice clutch, leave the jacket at the cloakroom and wear it with a statement necklace to be the belle of the ball.

Earth is the element for this outfit. maroon leather jacket and camouflage trousers in warm colours. It is like seeing a place from the air plane, just a jigsaw of several shades of brown.
A catsuit that for its fluidity it is Water running in a stream. Beautiful the silver grey with that spark of blue at the top.

A lace blouse like this is an investment. It will never be out of fashion and it can be worn all year around. For this reason it is better to buy a good one made with high quality lace and an excellent cut.

My favourite colour could not be missed and this dress is gorgeous. Nico Didonna has used the best silks, chiffon, cottons for his collection Spring Summer 2013.
The end of the show Nico Didonna comes on the runway to greet his guests, together with the godmother of his show lawyer and TV celebrity Nancy Dell'Olio, born in U.S.A. but from the same part of Italy as Nico, Puglia. Nancy is wearing one of Nico Didonna evening dresses.

Nancy Dell'Olio is pictured here with Carlo Presenti, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute where the fashion show has been held. As a perfect master of the house, Dr Presenti mingled among his guests to make sure that everyone was enjoying this special event.


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