Paperself celebrates the Diamond Jubilee

Paperself is a brand of false eyelashes so new with its designs that every season I'm looking forward to its collection.
I'm talking about false eyelashes and I'm talking about collection, because Paperself doesn't produces a product that it can be mistaken for any other brands. When someone is wearing Paperself Eyelashes they instantly recognisable.
This year to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games, Paperself has launched a new collection with London Skyline and English Roses.
This set as you can see depicts landmark places like the Big Ben, the Gherkin, the London Eye and I find them fantastic to wear maybe to celebrate some gold medal won during the impending games?
For something romantic I think that the collection English Roses is perfect, just think at a bride with matching bouquet and eyelashes. She would be the trendier bride in ages.
This is a fantastic packaging, bright and it would be a great addition for a bridesmaid goodie bag. This packaging with the Union Jack is specifically for the two newest collections "London Skyline" and " Roses".

Thinking that a full eye is too much? The great thing about Paperself Eyelashes is that it is possible to cut sections and decide if the look desired is very dramatic or just use few bits for the corners, giving anyway a spectacular effect.

A collaboration with the V&A has created a collection which is available at the Museum Shop. The designs are very sophisticated and the "Lace Garden " has been one of the best sellers.

As in every collection Paperself has got seasonal designs like these sweet spiders and webs, perfect for Halloween. They complete a "witchy" look and surely they will be the talking point at every party.

With eyelashes like these you won't need anything else to make a statement. They are the best way to glam up a pair of jeans or a plain LBD. No jewellery or else, the make up will be fine to be and to feel the most stylish person in the room.
Now let's talk about where we can find these amazing little works of art.
It is possible to buy them online at
Or if going to a shop is preferred Harvey Nichols stocks them as well as Anthropologie, the V&A Museum, the Barbican Art Gallery and others, all stated in the Paperself website.


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