Rosemary Goodenough Art Gallery in Silk

During my visit at Scoop I've been drawn to the stand of artist Rosemary Goodenough. Her silk scarves were full of vibrant colours and the quality of the silk was of the highest quality.
I've started chatting with Rosemary and her very supportive husband Michael Waller-Bridge and they told me the whole story of how these incredible scarves were born. During an art exhibition a year ago a visitor commented " If that painting was a scarf I would wear it". This remark triggered something and in less than 12 months Rosemary and Michael, found a factory in Como, the best place where to source exceptional silks, they've found the perfect kind of fabric, a heavy silk twill and they started a production using Rosemary Goodenough paintings as prints for their scarves.

Rosemary Goodenough '  scarves are made in two sizes a 90x90 and 45x45 and they all come with printing information about what painting is depicted, what detail of the painting is and very important the care guide. And no care label in sight, everything is printed very discreetly on the edge of the scarf.
Here the best example of the no label scarf. In very tiny font everything you need to know is printed and it is visible the signature of the artist, now that need a bit of consideration. This scarf depicts the artwork "Springing Tulips VI"
When orange and purple are involved I'm always on the front row and this scarf is just one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a while. All of Rosemary Goodenough collection would not be out of place in the hall of the old wing at Liberty store.


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